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Rebecca Scheier

Rebecca Scheier

Chief Bean Chaser, Professional Chef and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

About Rebecca


 I created Chasing Beans for YOU.  Thanks for checking in.  I believe it’s no accident that you’re here.  My greatest wish is to provide you with recipes, guidance and inspiration for a healthy (and always delicious) plant based lifestyle.

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up in Arkadelphia, Arkansas as a child of a family practice physician and a medical technician turned stay-at-home mom.

I live currently in Lowell and Falmouth, Massachusetts with my husband, Mark, an attorney in Acton, Massachusetts.

I have two amazing children, Alison and Alex, a son-in-law, Craig, and a daughter-in-law, Cory, who make me the luckiest mother-in-law on earth, and three grandchildren, Chase, Jake and Maddie and a granddog, Russell, that bring me a limitless amount of joy.


Fun Facts…

 I love Thai, Mexican and Indian food. 

I’m addicted to sugar (ice cream), flour (pizza), fat (cheese) and salt (chips), but I’m recovering. 

Walking on the beach is my favorite place to be.  

I didn’t learn to cook until I was in my 50’s. 

I love mysteries. 

I dabble in calligraphy, photography and writing.

I don’t eat avocados.

I love learning. 

I attended Southern Methodist University where I received a BA degree in French,  Suffolk University Law School where I received a JD degree, Boston University Law School where I received an LLM degree in taxation, The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts where I received a CCP(Certified Culinary Professional) degree and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I received a certificate as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I love flowers and beautiful gardens.

I was a majorette in high school, and I twirled fire.

I’d rather write on paper than on a computer.

I’ve had multiple jobs/careers over my lifetime including newspaper carrier, waitress, secretary, lawyer, teacher, title examiner, real estate agent, chef instructor, and now integrative nutrition health coach.

I’ve travelled throughout North and South America and Eastern and Western Europe.

I carry a coffee maker, my coffee and my cup on trips away from home.

I can’t stand a messy desk.

I’m a very messy cook.



Why Chasing Beans, you ask?



When I was a young girl, my mother heard me talking in my sleep. I said “I’m chasing beans!” At the time, I thought this was the funniest thing that I had ever heard, and my mother and I laughed out loud together. This is an early memory that I have never forgotten, and when it came time to give life to my blog, the name “Chasing Beans” seemed just right.




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